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We’re all in this together(COVID-19 Update)

Amidst the current news of COVID-19, one of the biggest worries is the alarming mortality rate of the virus and contracting the virus. As of writing(27/07/2020), a total of 39 new cases were recorded during the weekend which brings it to a total of 8897 cases in Malaysia. Bearing that in mind, Kozin as a real estate company has taken many preventive and security measures in ensuring that it’s employees are safe guarded against the virus. Following the Malaysian’s government SOP(Standard operation procedure) of distancing and taking of temperature before entering the premises, Kozin has also taken further steps of requiring clients to make appointments a day before. This greatly reduces the possibility of the virus spreading as contact tracing can be done with considerable ease.

Having heard many cases of people contracting the virus and narrowly escaping death, it is heartening to hear that the Malaysian government is one of the foremost examples of how a government should handle a pandemic. As opposed to other administrations in various countries that relents their strict quarantine rules in the face of racial riots, turning an epidemic and tragedy into a heavily politicized movement, the Malaysian government is not afraid to clamp down on businesses disregarding the SOP of using a mask and fining the individuals or businesses that are responsible or rather, irresponsible. Linked below is a video that shows how a visitor from the UK stayed in Malaysia during the MCO(Movement control order) and also why Malaysia is a wonderful country to be in amidst the pandemic situation.

As a final note, our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have experienced losses during these trying times. Kozin would also like to express our deepest gratitude to the frontline workers.

A foreigners message to Malaysia by Remote Darren